Raleigh, North Carolina, Marathon and Half Marathon Training Team

Raleigh Galloway Group Leaders (Under development . . . more to come!)

Ron Wahula :
Program Director since 2003

Member since 2000, our Raleigh Galloway Team's 1st year in Raleigh. I've completed 40 Marathons in 28 years since running my first in 1988. Some include Chicago, Disney, Marine Corps, LA, Houston, Detroit, VA Beach, Tucson, Flying Pig, Raleigh, Mardi Gras, Birmingham, San Antonio, Myrtle Beach, RIchmond, OBX, Nike San Francisco, Kentucky Derby, Steamtown, Nashville, Tucson, Mardi Gras, Savannah, New Jersey, Maryland Trail Marathon, Route 66, Wrightsville Beach and Athens Greece. My favorite race has to be Athens, Greece, in 2008. A perfect combination of travel, sightseeing, a history lesson, friendship, great food, perfect weather and the last 6 miles is downhill !!! Why do I do this? The elation and satisfaction that I see in new runners accomplishing their running goals, meeting new friends and making fitness a priority in their lives really motivates and satisfies me.

Biggest running accomplishments: Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2013 and the Pikes Peak Marathon in 2015.

Another noteworthy endeavor: I was in Nepal about 1.5 miles away from Everest Base Camp at 17,100 + feet in elevation when a 7.8 earthquake devastated Nepal and cancelled the 2015 climbing season.

Goals: I’d like to complete a marathon in all 50 States in the next 5 years.

Eric Johnson
Assistant Program Director for 5 years

2012 will be my 12th year in the Galloway Program and my 5th year as Assistant Program Director. The Galloway Program has afforded me the opportunity to make many new friends and fulfill a dream of completing a marathon in all 50 states. This past March, with much appreciated support of the best running group in the world (Raleigh Galloway), I completed my 100TH marathon at the Tobacco Road Marathon. . It is a tremendous feeling seeing members finish their first half or full marathon. Playing a role in helping runners complete their event is a feeling that motivates me to return year after year. The Raleigh Galloway has a huge footprint on the running scene in the triangle area and I promise to work tirelessly to make as many of these races and the Raleigh Galloway program a success.

Cara Greening
Assistant Program Director
Team Leader for 9:30-minute group

I joined the Galloway program in 2006 and it literally changed my life! As a woman, I love the security and camaraderie of running in a group. I have developed so many friendships on the long runs –exercise and friendship—what a super combination! My first marathon was the inaugural City of Oaks in 2007 and since then I have completed over 21 marathons—and the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run. My goal is to run a marathon in every state. Marathons are strategy and endurance, just like life. These journeys build confidence. Nothing is too difficult. I can do it, and you can too!

George McDaniel

This is my ninth season with Galloway, where I train with the 9:30 group. I have completed five marathons and 15 half marathons. This year so far, I've run in the Charleston half in January. I'll do the new Midtown in June and then in July, the Scream in Morganton.I'm signed up already for the City of Oaks full this fall. I enjoy running because it gets me out into the world.

Teri Siragusa

I've been a member since 2001. I've completed 20 half marathons and 5 marathons (Hawaii being the most challenging marathon). All the races I've done have been my favorite - they each are challenging in their own way. I've met a bunch of great friends running with the Galloway Training Group. The best part is meeting after the runs for coffee or breakfast. I also help with registration and get to meet a lot of the new runners.

Patrick Dillon
Team Leader for 7:00-8:00 minute group

This will be my 8th year with the Galloway group. I will be a team leader in the 7:00/8:00 group for the 6th year. When I joined Galloway, I started in the 9:00 group with the intention of running a half marathon and seeing where that takes me. My first half marathon was the 2009 Virginia Beach Rock N’ Roll half marathon. After I finished and based on how I was feeling after running 13.1 miles, I remember thinking how people must be crazy to run a full marathon. I then joined the “crazy” crowd in 2010 when I ran the San Diego Rock N’ Roll marathon. I’ve now run 18 marathons so far and plan on running one in every state and try to make each one into a mini vacation visiting friends and family. One of my favorite marathons thus far was Detroit in 2011. Running into Canada and back and the crowd support when re-entering the U.S. was just amazing. Also it didn’t hurt that I made a PR by about 10 minutes. I enjoy running for the social aspect of meeting new people and making new friends combined with being outside in the fresh air getting in shape.

Jack Threadgill
Team Leader for 7:00-8:00 minute group

My wife Carolyn got me into running marathons back in 2005. I was a longtime runner, but I never thought I would do marathons. She introduced me to Galloway, and I found that the walk breaks made a huge difference. Galloway has been a great support system for me. You meet a lot of interesting people and good friends through running in general and Galloway in particular. I’m now heading into my 12th Galloway season and my fifth as a leader of the 7/8-minute group. We’re known as the Smeasts (combining the Seven Minute group with the Beasts) or the Beasts. The Charleston Marathon in January was my 15th, with Richmond, Chicago, and Steamtown as my favorites. I plan on running three halfs in the fall and another marathon next spring.

Barbie Brown
Team Leader for 7:00-8:00 minute group

I joined Galloway in 2005 and ran my first marathon in Richmond, Virginia. At that time, I was running in the 10 minute pace group also known as the Incredibles. I run to relieve stress, spend time with my friends and to have a good time. Last year was my first year running with the 8 minute pace group and this year will be my first as a leader. My goal this year is to beat my PR of 1:44 in a half marathon and to learn how to feel good while improving my time at the end of a full marathon. I have run several full marathons and numerous half marathons since I first joined Galloway and look forward to an exciting new season and the opportunity to meet new faces make new friends.

Johan van Die
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

I like the Raleigh Marathon because it has part of Umstead Park in the course; it is soft and the hills are your friends for training. I joined GalIoway in 2001. I ran my first marathon in December of that year. I broke 4h in my 2nd Raleigh marathon in 2002 with the help of two great group leaders. I became a group leader a year later. Training in a group is the big strength of the program. Where else can you have the best 20 miler of the year in the pouring rain and 1' puddles of water plus snacks at the water stops with 25 of your running buddies?

Becky Gamble
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

I ran my 1st half marathon in 2003 and over the years have completed seven.  In 2011 when I joined the Galloway program I had no intention of running a full marathon – a half marathon seemed hard enough, and a full sounded crazy.  With the structured run-walk distance runs, supportive leaders, and friendly members – I found myself wanting to switch and train for the full marathon. I have completed four marathons since then with my PR being at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati this spring.  I am a volunteer coach for Leesville Middle school track team.   This will be my first year as a group leader and I look forward to running with the JoJo’s and my 13 year old daughter in her first full year of Galloway. 

Rick Eilers
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

I started running in 2012 after kicking a smoking habit of 25 years.  I had high blood pressure as well and my doctor wanted to put me on medication.  I thought to myself I was too young to be on a pill daily for something I could fix myself.  I stepped onto a treadmill for a 2 mile run and thought my lungs were going to shoot out my nose!  I met a dear friend(and now mentor) who turned me onto the Galloway style of Run/Walk. I joined the Raleigh Galloway group in August of 2012 in their first ever late start program.  I ran my first half marathon, City of Oaks, in November of 2012. I completed 11 half marathons and 3 full marathons in 2013.  You CAN do it!  I look forward to running with you soon!

Carlo Mancini
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

This will be my 2nd season with Galloway, first full season as a leader. I've been running since 2009, did a half-marathon in 2010, 1st full was Tobacco Rd this year (2014). The next race I'm registered for is City of Oaks full in November 2014. I'm a dad of a child with special needs, she gives me extra motivation to run & stay healthy so I can be there for her as long as possible My wife also runs with Galloway, I think it's important for both our children to see us exercising and staying fit, we're trying to lead by example.

Jose Maldonado
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

Originally from Texas, I moved to Raleigh area September, 2012. I love to run as hobby, to stay in shape, health reasons, and meet new people. I started with the Galloway Winter program in 2013, first in the 10 minute group--Incredibles--and then moved up this winter to the 9 minute group. During this past year, I ran 1 Full marathon (Tobacco Road Marathon) and 9 Half marathons. My goals for 2015 are 1 Full and 5-6+ Half marathons, minimum.
Travis Martin
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

I have been running since I was about 5 years old.  I was always the kid who wanted to run the laps for baseball, football, or soccer.  Until I was about 25, I had only ever ran short distance races of about 5K in distance.  Around that same time, I severely injured my back and lost the ability to run and walk.  I got surgery and vowed to run a longer race.  A couple years later I was able to run my first half-marathon in Michigan.  I then moved to North Carolina, where I found Galloway training.  Galloway allowed me to run 6 marathons, including the Marine Corps, Chicago, Detroit, Disney, and City of Oaks.  The picture is of me is shortly after finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in 2013
Chip Lafayette
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

My experience with joining a running group and doing any kind of distance running started in the winter of 2012. My sister-in-law (Kelly Garris) has been running with the Galloway group for years and I used to think she was nuts for running long distances. Then my wife (Tracey Lafayette) joined Galloway and started running in early 2012. By the end of 2015 I will have 17 half and 5 full marathons under my belt.  I have to say, I really enjoy running with the Galloway people and thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of the groups.

Suzanne Beaumont
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group
Water Team

I run to create a flexible space in my life. It is a space for exercise, being social, challenging myself, traveling, and just enjoying being outside. I have made lifelong friends through running and look forward to running with you, too. I have run several marathons, my favorite being the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I run many half-marathons every year and have a goal to get back under a 2-hr time. I am still chasing the Boston Qualifier dream, too. Who knows? Maybe this will be the season that I can achieve that. As a coach, I am an unstoppably upbeat person. My teammates know that hills are “perfect” and less than perfect trainings are to be cherished for what they teach. So, let’s get out there and run and laugh and see what can happen!

Susan Krause
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

I started running with the Raleigh Galloway team while training for my first marathon, the 2004 Chicago Marathon. I have stuck with Galloway and regular running for the last dozen years because it boosts my spirits and opens doors to an entire community of lovely friends. For Fall of 2016, I plan to run City of Oaks and Richmond.

Lou Ann Bakolia
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

I have been running since I was 21.  I am now almost 59!  In 2000 I joined the first Raleigh Galloway group and ran with Galloway until 2007 when I left to pursue the dream of qualifying for Boston.  I needed to take a few less walk breaks to make that happen.  I qualified and ran Boston in 2008 at age 50 and requalified at Boston.  I’ve run 8 marathons and lots of half marathons.  I did the first Raleigh Iron Man in 2013 and I enjoy 5Ks, 10Ks and sprint triathlons as well. I came back to Galloway for the comraderie.  I made so many friends at Galloway.  I love to run and in 2009 started my own coaching business (www.offtorun.com).  I am a RRCA and USATF certified coach and an ACSM certified personal trainer.  I also coach the Fit-tastic group for Capital Run Walk.  I enjoy helping others become consistent runners and reach their goals.

Jim Vignola
Team Leader for the 9:00 minute group

I've been running since college, but never long distances until recently. This is my 5th season running the Raleigh Galloway program.  I have completed several local full and numerous half marathons, as well as a half marathon at my alma mater Purdue University last fall. This past January I completed the Goofy...a half then full marathon over two days at Disney World. Also known as the 'Moronathon' by my wife!

Ana Passman
Team Leader for 9:00 minute group

I love running. I love being outside with other people. I love this Galloway group because I never have to plan ahead, I just show up,,, and every time I do I know that I will be running with friends, chatting, having a good time, sharing. 

Mike Wright
Team Leader for 9:00 Minute Group

This is my fifth season with Galloway and fourth as a team leader. I have enjoyed cycling/mountain biking for a while, then picked up running just to “give it a go” and fell in love with it. I have run the Anthem Shamrock 1/2, the Raleigh Rock and Roll half, Crawlin Crab half, over a dozen RACE 13.1 half’s and the Richmond full Marathon. I am also a member of the Half Fanatics. I try to run multiple 5 and 10K’s through the season and always enjoy one of my favorite races, the Tar Heel 10. I look forward to running with great people, fun, great training runs and all that extra food I can eat after burning those calories.

Gerard ter Wee
Team Leader for 9:30 pace group

(Webmaster's note : Gerard, as busy a fellow as you're likely to encounter, has asked me to prepare this brief write-up on his behalf.) The original "Lost Dutchman," Gerard is a 9:30 pace group stalwart and a long-time Galloway member. He's been running and racing for many years and his races include the Fulcrum Marathon (Raleigh), Kiawah, Rock'n'Roll Arizona, Richmond Marathon, and many others. Outside running, Gerard is Raleigh's honorary consul for his country of birth, the Netherlands, and is widely believed to be the inspiration for the saying, "If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!"

Rob Hall
Team Leader for 9:30 pace group
Water Team

I have been running with the Galloway Program since 2002 and have completed 60 marathons in all 50 states since joining. My top 5 marathons in no particular order are Cincinnati Flying Pig, Disney World, Cape Cod Marathon, Vermont City, and Honolulu. I run for health, friendship, and medals. My marathons so far for 2016 have been Myrtle Beach Marathon and the Raleigh Rock and Roll Marathon. I plan to run the Carolina Beach Marathon (Oct. 16th) and probably another one if someone talks me into it.

Jim Frawley
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group

In March of 2007, for a lark I decided to run a 5K at St. Timothy's in North Hills. I figured I could do it. So, not knowing any better, I put on a bathing suit, a cotton t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and went to the race. I had no idea what I was doing. Prior to that, I never really ran much at all. That morning, I finished in a little over 30 minutes; but in reality, I thought I was going to die. Three weeks later and having met Jim Micheels from RRO, I registered and prepared for the Cary Road Race. I thought now that I was at least equipped to run a 5K. Prior to the race, I met Ron Wahula and Norma Lloyd. They explained to me that a 52 year old with no prior experience could run a marathon. That morning I ran a 25:12, 5K. A few weeks later, I attended a Galloway kick-off; seeing hundreds of others who wanted to train for a marathon. Without hesitation, I immediately became of member of Raleigh Galloway. In November 2007, I ran my first marathon - City of Oaks Marathon - and the rest is history.

Tommy Davis
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group

My wife Annette and I joined Raleigh Galloway in 2014 on the advice of Tina Woodard, most awesome team leader for the 11:30 group. Being new to the area it was a great way to meet new people, challenge myself, set new goals, and RUN! One of the many advantages of running with Galloway is the wealth of knowledge and support. The Galloway method is proven, the leadership is strong, and sound advice on staying healthy and succeeding is abundant. I’m a believer and constantly invite others to come out and take a run break!

Eric Holmes
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group

Why do I run? Ten years ago, I gave into peer pressure and joined the “Team In Training” program with my friends and loved it. I remember thinking that I was going to be very bored if I ran continuously for 4-hours. But, I quickly found out that when you run with a group, it’s never boring. I first joined the Jeff Galloway group back in 2001 after suffering a running injury. The promise of injury free running was very appealing to me and the “run-walk-run” method helped me to run two injury-free marathons within a month of each other so I was sold on JG method. Plus, the JG program has all the benefits of the TnT program without having to raise a lot of money. The 2009 season is the start of my fourth year as a group leader and I’m looking forward to making new friends as I train for my 9th marathon (and triathlons/duathlons).

Missy Orr
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group

This is my third year running with Galloway and my first year as a team leader. I joined Galloway to gain a structured approach to running and meet new people. What I have gained from the Galloway has far exceeded my expectations. Besides accomplishing goals I never thought possible, I’ve met a great group of people. It’s so much fun to share stories about races, training and learn from other peoples’ experience. How often do you get to share your hobby with so many like-minded people? My first marathon was Athens, Greece in 2009. My running partner and I decided if we were going to run a marathon, we might as well make it a big one. I also ran the Flying Pig marathon in May, 2010. Unfortunately, I had an injury which sidelined me for the rest of the 2010 season. I am hoping for a strong comeback this year. My future marathon plans in clued Rehoboth Beach (Dec. 2011), 26.2 with Donna (Feb. 2012) and Big Sur (Apr. 2012) and hopefully a marathon in the Netherlands in 2013. I will also compete in the Beach to Battleship half Ironman in October, 2011. I look forward to another great year of running and to all of us accomplishing our goals in 2011.

Royce Willmschen
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group
Water Team

I'm a charter member of the Raleigh Galloway program, participating since 2000. I've run eight marathons, including New York, Kiawah Island, Cincinnati Flying Pig, and Raleigh City of Oaks. Running makes me healthier and has given me lifelong friends and lots of great memories.

  Dexter Howard
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group
  Juan Mollinedo
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group

David Harris
Team Leader for 9:30 Minute Group

I've been running on and off since 2006. Early on, my racing schedule included mostly 5Ks and the occasional 10K (because I thought anything more than 6.2 miles was for crazy people). Before my 40th birthday, I decided to challenge myself to complete a half marathon (City of Oaks 2012). I finished it and immediately vowed to never do that to myself every again.... A year later I ran my second half marathon. I still couldn't figure out how come I hurt so much when I finished and others seems so incredibly happy. That winter I was introduced to the Raleigh Galloway group and the Galloway training program. The next spring I finished 2 half marathons (one with a PR) and I was one of the incredibly happy people at the finish line. This past fall, I completed my first full marathon and set another half marathon PR. I'm completely sold on the Galloway training and the Raleigh Galloway running group is the best!

Steve Strom
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group

I've been running with the Raleigh Galloway program since 2008 when a friend invited me to join him. That year I completed my first marathon at the Outer Banks.  Since then I have run 6 marathons and too many half marathons to count.  This program has made a huge difference in my health. In 2015, I dropped over 35 pounds and moved up three running pace groups.  But what keeps me running every season is running with friends.  It makes the long runs so enjoyable every Saturday.  And the weekly runs are a way to understand more about my running style so that I can be in top shape for the race.  And there's no better feeling than seeing the other Galloway runners alongside me on race day or cheering me on at a water stop.  Our Raleigh Galloway group is like no other in the country.  

  Claudia Behm
Team Leader for 9:30 minute group
Lisa Higgins
Team Leader 9:30 minute group

This is my third season running with the Raleigh Galloway group, and my second season as a Team Leader.  I started running in 2006 and dreaded every step.  I joined a running club “Raleigh Trail Runners” and discovered that running with people actually made the experience more enjoyable.  I ran my first half marathon in March of 2008 (Shamrock VA Beach) and completed my first full (Marine Corps) that fall.  It was an amazing experience and from that point on I was hooked.  Since then, I have run 6 additional half marathons and completed my 3rd full (OBX), in which I set a new PR. As a Team Leader, I look forward to helping others reach their own running goals, whether setting a PR, running a first race or just enjoying a day out on the trails.

Bill Betts
Team Leader for 10:00 minute group and Water Team

I have been using the Galloway running method since I started running long distance in 2006. That year I ran the Cincinnati Flying pig in the spring and City of Oaks 1/2 in the fall. I joined Raleigh Galloway in 2000, and have enjoyed the company on all my runs since. This year, I will be one of the leaders in the 10:00 minute group, as well as continuing to work the water stops. . Hope to see you out there! Happy running!

Charles Warren
Team Leader for 10:00 minute group

Hello All! I'm Charles and this is my 2nd season with Galloway and 1st as a Team Lead. I started running with Galloway after seeing how much fun my wife (a team lead with the 12s) was having. Getting up early on Saturdays for the runs can be tough, but the friends you run with make the pounding of the pavement addictive. I've run 4 halfs in the last year and the Tar Heel 10-Miler (my personal favorite due to the location & scenery). This year I’m running the Peapod Half in August, the Darlington Marathon in September, and doing the OBX Challenge (10k & Full) in November. My dream race is to run the Maratona di Roma.

  Susan Blackwell
Team Leader for the 10:00 minute group
  Lex Benton
Team Leader for the 10:00 minute group
  Elena Ryzhikova
Team Leader for 10:00 minute group
Holly Wilson
Team Leader for the 10:00 minute group
Deborah Blizard Harper
Team Leader for 10:00 minute group

John Jeffreys
Team Leader for 10:00 Minute Group

This is my 4th season with Galloway and the 3nd in Raleigh. I have run 10 marathons 9 of them since the City Of Oaks in 2014 and I am training for another 3 or 4 this year, yes I dove in the deep end. 2014 was a tough year for me, I was diagnosed with Ampullary Cancer on New Years day and had surgery on Jan 31st. During my recovery I decided to take up running again after all they tell you to exercise so, I did. Lucky for me my Oncologist is also a runner and didn't give me a tough time about training for a marathon. She thought I was nuts to do it during Chemo and Radiation but, understood and supported me. Some mornings were better than others but, I was determined to run the City Of Oaks. It was my birthday present to myself. I did it! At the finish line were several Galloway supporters and that was extra special. I can't tell you how much it meant to wake up on Saturday mornings and know that I was going to be surrounded by such positivity and thats what the Galloway group does. Even on the tough days I always left with a smile on my face and joy inside. Ill be running the long distances in the summer session so, when you see me on the trail (in Bright Yellow ) say hi. One of my inspirations is a song called RUN BOY RUN (start song at City of Oaks ) and as it says RUNNING IS A VICTORY enjoy it. RUN GALLOWAY RUN !

Ann Do
Team Leader for 10:30 minute group

I have been with the Galloway since 2009 and this is my third year as a team leader. I love to run and the most I ran is 10K. Since I joined the Galloway I was able to run many marathons. Every Saturday I am looking forward to meet wonderful people and we chat for hours.

Mindy Demchak
Team Leader for 10:30 minute group

In 2012, I found running after being asked to run a 5K with a friend which I promptly said, "No."  After seeing her disappointment and shock, I conceded and began training using the C25K app.  After crossing that finish line for the first time, I was hooked.  A year to the date from my first 5K, I ran my first half.  Knowing that I wanted to push myself further and run a full, I found my way to Galloway and haven't looked back!  2 years (to the date) after my first 5K I ran my first full.  This past spring I ran my second full marathon and through training with Galloway I shaved off 1hr 11 minutes!  I run because I like to eat (oh...and because of the health benefits, too).  

Beth Knox
Team Leader 10:30 minute group

I began running in 2009. That same year I ended up with a running injury that sidelined me for a few months. Because I had a personal life goal to complete a marathon for my 50th birthday, I searched for an injury-free way to accomplish this goal. I was so happy to find the Raleigh Galloway program. The run/walk/run method and group motivation make the weekly long runs doable and enjoyable. But beware, running can become addicting. Not only did I accomplish my goal, but I’ve since become a member of the Marathon Maniacs group and am on a quest now to run a marathon in all 50 States while in my 50’s. I love to run but more importantly, I love to have fun while doing it and want to help others achieve their running goals as well.
  Ojas Namjohsi
Team Leader for the 10:30 minute group

Tim McCarthy
Team Leader for 10:30 minute group

2014 is my fifth year with Galloway and first spring-season as a team leader. I joined in 2010 after meeting a Galloway runner at a church community garden. I had been running for two months, showed up the following Saturday to run the magic mile in cotton shirts and shorts, and learned quickly that that was a no-no. I have since run five marathons and two half marathons and have enjoyed the experience. I have made many friends in Galloway and have stayed healthy from what I have learned from others in the group.

Kelvin Brodie
Team Leader for the 10:30 minute group

This is my fourth year with Raleigh Galloway and my first year as a team leader. In March 2010, I completed my first marathon, the Tobacco Road Marathon. Since joining, I have completed 9 Marathons and 16 Half Marathons! I have learned a great deal about running, nutrition and how to effectively train for a marathon. I look forward to the early Saturday mornings'group runs with a great group of people. Running provides a healthy benefit to each week and my overall fitness level has improved significantly! I truly enjoy running and hope to complete many more marathons in the years to come!

Ron Young
Team Leader for 10:30 minute group

I've been a biker and casual runner (5k's or less) for years.  I started getting into triathlons and longer runs as a way to continue to add some diversity to biking and running.  I've been with Galloway for several seasons now.  I've run many 1/2 marathons and a couple of Marathons to date - including the Rock N Roll Raleigh and the Tobacco Trail.  My favorite is the Outer Banks races.  I like the location and the option of running a 5K 1 day and a 1/2 marathon or marathon the next. 

Jennifer Moran
Team Leader for 10:30 minute group

Jennifer has been running with the Wannabeasts since 2011 and leading the group off and on since 2013.  She has completed 8 full marathons and a number of half’s.  Jennifer teaches voice lessons and directs the choral program at Saint Mary’s School in Raleigh.  She grew up in North Hills and now lives there with her husband, Jim, and three children- Augusta, 18, Smith, 16, and Isabel, 13.  She loves the Galloway program and the wonderful people that she has gotten to know through their many hours running “Wahula” miles.


Dasa Raghavan
Team Leader for 11:00 minute group

I joined the Galloway Program in 2007, soon after completing my first marathon (Country Music Marathon '07 at Nashville). I have run 6 marathons 8 half marathons and 1 20K. Every one of them is my favorite for its own particular reason, but if I have to absolutely pick one, it has to be my very first half-a-thon at Victory Junction in 2006. It was a run that made me experience the runner's high and I was hooked after that. 2012 is my first year as a Leader with the 11:00 min pace group. Running on Saturdays with 'The Herd' is pure fun and is a major highlight of my week. I love running to de-clutter my mind and enjoy the personal time it provides. No matter how good I feel, I always feel better after a run. Running is a great way to meet new people, connect with friends, make new ones and set an example to your children. The discipline that a consistent running habit builds in an individual can be carried over to anything that one does in life. "Waddle on, my friends" as "The Penguin" would say, "Waddle on". Just one more mile!

Kelley Poskitt
Team Leader for 11:00 minute group

This is my fourth year with Galloway and my 2nd year as a group leader. I came late to running but since I started eight years ago I have racked up 20 half marathons and a bunch of shorter races. I joined initially as a way to make new running friends after moving to Wake Forest from Pleasanton CA, not knowing how the run-walk style would suit me or affect my times. Not only have I met some great people but the style works for me not only maintaining a consistent time but also I am having an easier time recovering after a long run. Overall my favorite race is the San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon which is not only a great race but an awesome excuse to travel back to California to catch up with old friends both runners and non-runners.

Jennifer Rosbrook
Team Leader for the 11:00 minute group

When I started running in 2010 at age 41, I only did it because a friend needed a training partner after having two children very close together. I was introduced to the Galloway program that spring and my outlook on running changed drastically and instantly ONLY because of the Galloway program and the people in it. I have since completed 4 half marathons, a number of 10 mile street and trail runs, a Warrior Dash, and several 5k and 8K races. My goal this year is to complete my first full marathon at the City of Oaks and a duathlon which will include my interest in cycling as well. I have run with the Incredibles and Wannabeasts in the past and I am very excited to join the Group Leaders of the Thundering Herd!

Carolyn Quarterman
Team Leader for the 11:00 minute group

I have been a Galloway member since 2002 and this will be my tenth season serving as a team leader.  Running used to be my least preferred form of exercise and doing a marathon wasn’t even imaginable (Prior to joining Galloway, I hadn’t even run a 5K!).  However, this group really changed all that.  The fact that there are pace groups for all speeds of runners made running less intimidating.  Having run/walk intervals and doing long runs with the encouragement and camaraderie of the group made running enjoyable and helped me reach new distances I had never imagined.  To date I have done 14 marathons, 22 half-marathons and even a few ultra-marathons, including the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2013.  Running with this group has been a great way to relieve stress, improve my health, achieve new goals and develop some wonderful friendships.  I hope you find running with the Galloway group as great an experience as I have.

  Anurag Mhaiskar
Team Leader for the 11:00 minute group
  Bob Marcus
Team Leader for the 11:00 minute group

Ryann Harris
Team Leader for the 11:30 minute group

Hi Everyone!  My name is Ryann and I have been running with Galloway since 2013 and this is my 3rd season as a team leader.  I started running in 2012, mainly to join my friends, all of whom happen to be runners!  My goal was a 5K. I had so much fun, I ran an 8K a few weeks later.  Since then I have completed numerous 5ks, 8ks, a couple of 10 milers and 6 half marathons.  I am looking forward to a fun season and getting to know you all!  See you bright and early!

Gerald Armentrout
Team Leader for 11:30 minute group
Water Team

After taking my children to CASL soccer for many years, I found out
there was also an adult recreational league. I started playing soccer to
get more active and to encourage my children to continue with soccer.
But, the sprinting up and down the field caused me to be out of breath
and tired. Looking around the Raleigh area for help with running, I
found Raleigh Galloway and the run/walk method. When I was younger I
tried running in my neighborhood for exercise. But, thinking I had to
run the whole way caused me to quickly give up this activity. The
run/walk Galloway method makes running easier to get started and easier
to continue. In December 2014 I ran for the first time with Raleigh
Galloway targeting the Tobacco Road Half Marathon as my first race.
Along the way, I signed up for additional races to keep me motivated
with additional goals to pursue. By the end of 2015 I completed running
19 half marathons and one 8K. More than I had ever thought possible when
I went to my first Raleigh Galloway introduction run/meeting. Next up is
training for a full marathon (or more) and additional challenges.

  Jo Rierson
Team Leader for 11:30 minute group

Larry Stroud
Team Leader for 11:30 Minute Group

I have been with the Galloway Group for three years and have been a Group Leader for two years.  Since losing 100 lbs. I have completed one full  marathon and twelve half marathons. I enjoy sharing my running journey and motivating others.  Running has given me a new life and I enjoy every step and mile that I run.  In 2011 I completed the Disney Full Marathon and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  This year my goal is to complete ten half marathons and The Richmond Anthem Full Marathon.  I have met many good people and made friends who share my love for running  through the Galloway Group

Maureen Bowen
Team Leader for 11:30 minute group

I don’t even remember how long I have been with Raleigh Galloway! I am one of “those” people that if you want to know about a particular race (anywhere in the country), I probably have either run it or know about it. Just ask if you want recommendations! After reaching my goals of completing all 50 states and 100 half marathons. 2016 is the year for PRs in both time and distance. 4 goals for 2016– PR 26.2, 13.1, & 5K and complete a 100 miler. I have 1 left – the 5K! I am not fast – just determined! I am actively trying to finish my 50 state goals for both the half x2 and full marathons. I love running with Galloway for friends, accountability, and my health. Always willing to help – just ask.

Sandy Ezzell
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group and Water Team

I have been with Galloway since 2011 and am excited to be a Team Leader for the 12 minute pace group.  I have been hooked on running since I trained for my first 5k.  Shortly after that I went to Disney to cheer on a cousin running the full marathon and loved the awesome race atmosphere.  I have since completed several half marathons and my first marathon was the 2013 Disney Full and I loved every mile of it.  Since then I've become a Marathon Maniac as well as Half Fanatic.  I look forward to all of our Galloway Saturday runs and have enjoyed meeting so many new friends.  This year I am training for the City of Oaks full marathon as well as the Dopey Challenge in January 2014! 

Francesca Winkler
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group

I am excited to be a first time team leader for Cruise Control after running for the first time with Galloway last year. I had run a couple of half marathons before joining the group, but knew I needed a better way than running until I got tired when training for my first full marathon in 2012. I finished City of Oaks for my first full marathon last November and have finished six halves since joining Galloway last year. I look forward to running with everybody whether its training for your first half, full or your 100th! I love having a group to get me through double digit miles in triple digit NC heat during the summer.

Chris Mayhorn
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group

Though this is only his second year in Galloway, Chris became a "believer" in the run/walk method because of the notable differences in recovery time he has experienced since training. In other words: he can walk and interact with his family after a long race rather than collapsing onto the couch (as happened in years past before he began training with Galloway). He has run 5 half marathons (Raleigh Rocks X 2, City of Oaks X 2, Umstead) and one full marathon (City of Oaks). His target race this year is the Marine Corps Full Marathon in Oct. 2011. In the off-season, he has been running with the Tir na Nog running club and has participated in the Krispy Kreme Challenge (4th year in a row), St. Paddy's Day 5 miler (2nd year in a row), the Tarheel 10 miler, and the Run for Our Heroes.


Jenny Ahler
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group

I came to Galloway in a roundabout way having heard Beth Knox encourage me to join for about two years . She had seen me chasing faster friends down the tobacco trail for many Saturday morning runs. I will never be a fast runner but what I lack in speed I make up for in determination. It took me until 2013 to finally join and it was the best choice that I could have made. I have completed six half marathons and two full marathons using intervals. I had tried to train for my first full marathon twice before succeeding with the Galloway program to rock a 5:55 time at the Kentucky Derby Marathon. I also enjoy knitting and going to the firing range so feel free to strike up a conversation if you join the 12s for a run because what is discussed on the long run stays on the long run! I am so excited to be a team leader for Cruise Control this season.

Beckie McGee
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group

2013 began an awesome journey for my personal well-being! On a day while working out on the elliptical machine in July 2013, I suddenly decided to train and run a 1/2 marathon. I researched methods to support my training and was intrigued with the Galloway Method. I decided to read Jeff Galloway's book and follow his plan. The plan was easy and I was able to lose 50 pounds during my training. However, the long runs on the trails by myself were boring and really not safe. I continued to do more research and found the Raleigh Galloway running group. I immediately signed up for the summer/fall season and the rest is history! Raleigh Galloway has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible and I have met so many new friends. I actually look forward to getting up bright and early on Saturday mornings. Thus far, I have completed 4 half marathons: RNR Washington, D.C., Two Town Half Marathon-Surf City, N.C., Hallowed Half-Wake Forest, N.C., and RNR Savannah, Georgia. I am already excited about my upcoming races in 2015!!! I look forward to meeting new members in the future and assisting them in achieving their personal goals. "Strength doesn't come from what you CAN do. It comes from OVERCOMING the things you ONCE thought YOU COULDN'T." ~unknown

  Nicole Wood
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group
  Shelly English
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group
  Shelly Wegman
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group
  A.G. Hare
Team Leader for 12:00 minute group
  Laura Riedy
Team Leader for 12:30 minute group

Liz Lamson
Team Leader for 12:30 minute group

Liz started training with Galloway in May 2013. She has been doing some form of exercise since the 1980s. Liz thought she couldn’t run because of an old knee injury. She loves the interval running, and her knee has never felt better! Liz has run a 10K and two half marathons. She plans on running many more half marathons.

  Jafarr Bertram
Team Leader for 12:30 minute group

Sylvia Dobbin
Team Leader for 12:30 minute group

I have been running since October of 2014 and I really like it! Galloway leaders have greatly affected my adventures in running especially the "Just Right" group. 

  Jameka Wells
Team Leader for 12:30 minute group
  Celeste Brown
Team Leader for 12:30 minute group

Patricia Foster
Team Leader for 13:00 minute group

My running journey started in January of 2014 when I committed to run a 5K to finally get it off my "bucket list". 7 months, hundreds of miles and 1 half marathon later, I am entering my second season with Galloway and my first season as a Team Leader. Galloway is more than just going out to run on Saturday mornings with a few hundred other people. It's about making new friends, pushing your limits and finding out what you're really made of. Hopefully I can help others achieve their goals just as the awesome Lucky 13 Team Leaders did for me!

  Brenda Farlow
Team Leader for 13:00 minute group
  Robin Antley
Team Leader for 13:00 minute group

T. J. Busch
Team Leader for 13:00 minute group

Before joining Galloway last season, if you would have told me that I would be running on Saturday mornings for fun I would have called you crazy!  But, I can honestly say I have caught the running bug! I originally joined Galloway to help me achieve my goal of running the 2017 Disney marathon. Last October I ran my first half marathon (City of Oaks) and it felt great. Remember “If you can dream it, you can do it”, and you also meet many nice people on your road to achievement!

Nakia Best
Team Leader for 13:00 minute group

My running journey began in July 2015. My goal was to be able to run a 5K. I went from a slug who didn't even like going outside to completing several 5Ks in September and October.  I volunteered at a Black Girls RUN! water station for City of Oaks and I was enthralled by the energy and excitement on the course, and I knew my next task was to sign up for a half marathon. I talked to a couple of avid runners and they suggested I train with Raleigh Galloway. I joined Galloway for the Winter/Spring 2015/2016 season and successfully finished two half marathons (Run Like A Diva-Myrtle Beach & Race 13.1-Greensboro) in May 2016. I am honored to now be a part of the Lucky 13 Team Leader group. 

Dawn Patterson
Team Leader for 13:00 minute group

My running journey began April 2015 with a 5k.  The experience was so wonderful that I challenged myself to go further.  I joined Galloway winter/spring 2015 season because of a referral from my amazing fitness mentor.  I completed my first half (Tobacco Road) 3 months into training.  Mentoring allows me to offer compassion,  motivation,  encouragement,  support and enthusiasm to people reaching their goals.  My motto is, "Slow and Steady".

  Trish Olson
Team Leader for 13:00 minute group

Michelle Sandefur
Team Leader for 15 minute group

I have been running with Galloway for a number of years now. I volunteered to lead the 15 minute pace group during the 2015/2016 winter season when I heard there was a need for one. I really enjoy encouranging other runners and also learning from others. I have run 1 marathon, but my passion is running half’s and any race with nice bling. I have run at least 10 half’s, quite a few 10K's and 5K’s. I want to be able to run in my 90’s and be an inspiration for others. The Galloway program has allowed me to run all of my races injury free and that is always my goal. My new year’s resolution was to become a half fanatic this year, and I could not have accomplished that without Galloway. I may even try to do 50 states. Looking forward to another great season!

Alex Schray
Team Leader for 15:00 minute group

I never ever ever ran before joining Galloway, not even the obligatory mile in high school. Somehow, I would always excuse myself from that gym class. This was my first season running with the group - summer 2015. It was hot training but I ran my first half marathon and now prepping for my 2nd. Crazy thing happened along the way - I discovered I love to run the Galloway way. My knees are stronger - my health got better and I look forward to those crazy early mornings with my new friends.


  Patrice Banks
Team Leader for 15 minute group
  Regina Williams
Team Leader for 15 minute group

Meri Kotlas
Water Team

I've been with the Galloway program since 2007, when a friend tricked me into running the Marine Corps Marathon. I'd never run a mile before in my life, but the Raleigh Galloway Group got me across the finish line my first year. After 16 full marathons (including one trail race and five races as an official pacer), 9 half marathons, and numerous shorter distance races, you might be tempted to call me a running addict! Over the years, the greatest satisfaction has not been my own achievements, but watching my fellow runners achieve what they never thought possible. Running a marathon will empower you. By being a leader, it's my hope my experiences will help others who've never run around the block complete their first long distance race.

  Joy Bauer
Water Team

Dottie Amtey
Water Team


  Sondra Jarvis
Water Team
  Sandy Ezzell
Water Team

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