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Race Reports

Bear Lake Trifecta
Bear Lake, Utah
June 19-21, 2015
Mauren Bowen


Date: June 19-21
Locations: Bear Lake Utah
Race States: Utah, Wyoming, & Idaho
Size: Small
Type: Half or Full
Cost: Races Inexpensive (with discounts)

This series is based around Bear Lake Utah but was designed especially for 50 staters or just people who like to run multiple dates.

Due to a Sunday date, they also offered a Thursday Wyoming date for the trifecta.

Day 1 and/or 4: Cokeville WY
Simple course on paved road with little to no shade - scenery very pretty but truly on the Open Range. Rolling hills but not bad to someone who trains in Raleigh. Lots of cattle and fields but not much else. With little shade, it gets pretty hot. Remember to bring your bug spray and sunscreen.

Day 2: St Charles ID
Course has the best views of Bear Lake but is an out and back. Some paved and some dirt/gravel. Still no shade but flat course

Day 3: Laketown UT
This was the most complicated course with some small hills and mixed surfaces between crushed rock, gravel, and paved roads. Still no shade...

Overall - the medals are great and seeing the same people multiple days which was great. Stayed in a local rented house with 10 friends and the longest drive was WY which was about an hour. The others were about 15 minute drives.

If you are looking for good 3 races in 3 different states, this is worth it all the way around.


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