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2009 Race Reports


Send your race reports to webmaster@raleighgalloway.com. Please include event name, date, and location. For reports of earlier races, see 2008 Race Reports. Newest reports appear first.


"The Other Half" Marathon 2009
October 18, 2009

Hello running friends! I am reporting as the sole North Carolinian to finish "The Other Half" in Moab, Utah on October 18, 2009. My Gastonia accent attracted all kinds of attention...I am such an exotic out there! From start to finish this was an exceptional race...the organization, setting, hospitality, medal, and end of race party were terrific! The race started, on a clear chilly morning, at Dewey Bridge on closed-to-traffic Hwy 128. We followed the Colorado River for the first half of the race. Wow. [More]

Celia Mitchell: Marine Corps Marathon 2009
October 25, 2009

The weather couldn’t have been much better to run a marathon. 45 degrees at the start at 8:00am and around 60 degrees at noon at the finish. I loved the course. The few hills were at the beginning around mile 4-7. Otherwise the course is pretty flat. I did take the advice of previous runners and moved up as far as I could in the chute. There were approximately 38,000 runners. Wow! [More]

Rob Hall: Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon 2009
September 20, 2009

PDR Half Marathon was my fifth event in the Elite Racing R&R series for 2009. This was the last year that the race is not a Rock & Roll event and in 2010 it will count as a half for the R&R medals. They give 2 bonus medals that are only with this race and outside the R&R series. The race was on Sunday September 20th. I talked Teri S. into going with me and we split the driving and hotel. We drove up the day before and checked into the hotel first. We could walk to expo, start, finish, and food. The expo was at the convention center and it was close to some good places to eat and drink. We ended up watching football before grabbing some dinner on the way back to the hotel. [More]

Rob Hall: Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon 2009
September 6, 2009

The Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon was my fourth event in the Elite Racing series for 2009. The race was on Sunday September 6th and I drove over the day before from Apex. The expo was at the convention center and my hotel was in Greenbrier. The expo was ok and the best part was free parking. Free parking was not to be found around the beach when I went that night to meet some friends for dinner. I got up early on Sunday and found my way to the amphitheater parking and shuttle service. It was close to the hotel and did not take long to get to the start area. The start was typical of a Rock & Roll event. The weather was comfortable but a little warm for running. I decided to start out faster than planned and see if I could beat some of the heat. This might have been the wrong choice. I ended up overheated with calf cramps and it was all I could do to keep running down the boardwalk. I passed one man that had fallen and 6 paramedics were around him. I understand from news reports that he later died at a local hospital. [More]

Susan Morrison: Marathon des Deux Rives – Quebec City, Canada
August 30, 2009

Bill and I wanted to run a half marathon in late August-early September as part of our training. We found this race, and decided to make a vacation of it. I, for one, am very glad we did. It was a great race and a wonderful trip.

Our race day started early (don’t they always?) with a walk from our hotel down to the port of Quebec City. There, we joined fellow runners on the ferry across the St. Lawrence River to the town of Levis where both the marathon and demi (half) marathon would start. Once ashore, we were separated into different shuttle bus lines for our trip to the start. The marathoners (42.2K in Canada) were going to town and the top of a long ascent. We demi marathoners (21.1K) were delivered to the start near a park in a residential area of Levis. I was sure the neighbors would not be happy about blasting stereos at 6:30am and the noise of hundreds of runners, but the homeowners were out to cheer us on early on a Sunday morning. [More]

Rob Hall: Muddy Buddy Richmond
May 3, 2009

The Muddy Buddy Richmond race was on May 3rd and was the first race for the series in 2009. It was at the Pocahontas State Park. The race was a team event where one person rides a bike and one person runs. After a short distance (just over a mile) you both do an obstacle and then you switch from what you just did to what your buddy was doing. The Richmond race had 5 stages with 5 obstacles. If you started off running, you switched to biking, running, biking, and then finished with a run. [More]

Rob Hall: Country Music Marathon 2009
April 25 , 2009

Country Music in Nashville was my second marathon in the Elite Racing series for 2009. There was a few of us running it from the Raleigh area and I ended up splitting a room with my friend Ron. The hotel was out by the airport and we had to rent a car to get around. Our first adventure there was the expo and it was again like any other Elite Racing expo I have been at. They actually had free beer at the expo and this was a sign of things to come. We met up with a bunch of others at the expo and hit the Hard Rock in downtown for lunch.

We did a walking tour of the downtown area and got a good view of the finishing area. We did a little driving around to take a look at the city and then ended up back at the hotel for a nap before dinner. [More]

Darryl Banks: Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run
April 4-5, 2009

If you really want to get to know somebody, train for an ultramarathon with them. I’ve heard it said that the “long run” is a shared experience which leaves a person open and vulnerable to truly share of themselves. It’s a time when friendships are forged. I promise that my many shared 10+ hour long runs training for Umstead has both strengthened prior friendships and helped create important new ones for me. Dana Pasquale and BD Sechler became my best “suffer buddies” in training for this ultramarathon. To quote Runner’s World writer, Christie Aschwanden, a suffer buddy helps to “… push ourselves harder than any of us can manage on our own. We run to suffer, because to suffer is to feel alive. Any fool can push himself to pain, but it takes a suffer buddy at your side, or breathing down your neck, to find out what your really capable of.” [More]


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