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2010 Race Reports


Send your race reports to webmaster@raleighgalloway.com. Please include event name, date, and location. For reports of earlier races, see 2009 Race Reports and 2008 Race Reports. Newest reports appear first.

Gary Fulton: Ridge to Bridge Marathon
October 30, 2010

The Ridge to Bridge Marathon on Saturday, October 30, was great. We drove to Morganton, NC on Friday afternoon, went to packet pick-up, and then drove to Boone to eat at Joe's Italian restaurant. On Saturday we made the short drive to the start. The race starts at the post office in Jonas Ridge (about 20 miles north of Morganton), and ends at the Brown Mountain Beach Resort. The official course description says it has 2900 feet of downhill and 300 feet uphill. My Garmin says that there was 3380 feet of downhill and 701 feet of uphill (but who is counting). [More]

K.K. Sabesan: Baltimore Marathon
October 16, 2010

Could not have asked for a better weekend. I wish Dasa had joined me as per the original plans, but better luck with his speedy recovery of stress fracture. We can always plan the one next year. Great flight on Friday from RDU. Of course, my bag flew free! Thanks to the organizers for suggesting to book Go Shuttle at a discounted rate. Good and timely service to drop at the hotel and pick up on return. Happy to see a few more runners in the shuttle. Hampton Inn at Inner Harbor, a nice place to stay, warm welcome and early check-in at around noon time. [More]

Whit Whitfield: Dances with Dirt 50k
September 11, 2010

Mark Twain once said “All right then, I’ll go to Hell.” I figured, if I was going to do more than a marathon, I would go to Hell to do it. [More]

Becky Berbert: Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon
September 5, 2010

I decided to follow all the great advice from my running group and Mr. Galloway and not worry about my time for my first half marathon. I was determined to stick to the 2:1 intervals I do with the group on Saturday and not overdo it. However the alarms on my new watch were so faint that I ended up running through many of the walk breaks. I felt good throughout the run. [More]

June 19, 2010

I must start this race report out by saying that it was made special by having many friends participating in this event including fellow Raleigh Gallowayers Hardin Watkins and Rob Hall.  Hardin and Rob may not have known it but they did a great job of distracting me from thinking too much about the race.  Fellow Marathon Maniacs Donna Jacobs and Dianne Burton were also there.  I had met Donna at the Colorado Marathon and she told me that there would be plenty of support in Alaska.

This marathon started out with the longest flight I have ever taken.  My flight from RDU was carrying a military escort and a fallen soldier.  Instantly my 10 year journey seemed insignificant.  When the plane arrived they started removing the soldier and you could have heard a pin drop.  People weren’t trying to rush past each other or even attempting to check emails/phone messages. When I arrived at the Bed & Breakfast in Anchorage on Thursday night they were already sitting at the dining table chatting it up with other marathoners.  The B&B was nice and the staff/runners were very friendly.  After a short period of war stories it was time to turn in.  The first night was difficult because it never really got dark.  I awoke at 3am (7am EST) only to find it as bright in the room as it was when I went to bed. [More]

Kathie Baggott: Paris Marathon
April 11, 2010

Bonjour! Despite the volcanic eruption in Iceland and its rippling affect at airports globally, I am home. Paris is a feast! I am "processing" the experience even now.

My very dear friend, Jackie Tyner, is a wonderful traveling companion; and we could not have packed more into the time. We did a class at the Cordon Bleu, and each produced a 12 inch fruit tart with almond-based crust and almond paste filling, topped with glazed fruit. This was a masterpiece! (Thanks to the French chef who guided us and the English interpreter at his side.) We returned to the hotel and made a hit with staff and other guests as we shared this Cordon Bleu delight. (We opened the box, and there was an audible gasp.) [More]


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