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2011 Race Reports


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Hunter Rogers: Richmond Marathon
November 12, 2011

The weekend started on Friday morning with a caravan of three families with three marathon runners in tow headed to Richmond, VA. We got to the Expo around Noon and picked up our race packets, bibs and goodies. The Expo was awesome and I wish I had bought something while I was there, but it was all a little overwhelming. I was overcome with emotions the entire day Friday and tears would just well up in my eyes without any warning at any given time all day.[More]

Jennifer Moran: Richmond Marathon
November 12, 2011

I am home from the Richmond Marathon, "the friendliest marathon," and the race lived up to its reputation. Beth Knox and I took the bus tour on Friday- wonderful. Our guide had run the Richmond Marathon every year since its beginning (somewhere around 38 years?) He had lots of good information and tips- all very similar to things we have been told in training. Saturday morning Hunter Rogers, Beth, and I arrived at the start at 7:00 for the 8:00 start. There was an 8K and Half Marathon before and we wanted to see Dottie and all our Wannabeast friends (sorry we couldn't find you!) It was 30 degrees- yikes. [More]

Jennifer Gospodarek: City of Oaks Marathon
November 6, 2011

First off, we couldn't have asked for better weather! I tried to meet up with Amanda and Sarah, but the crowd was very dense and it just didn't work out. Luckily I found someone to start with. We ended up near the 4:30 pacers which was a little crazy, but the crowd was so thick, we just went with the flow. We had to skip the first 3 walk breaks, because we would have been trampled otherwise. Once the crowd thinned out, we backed off the pace a little and the 4:30 pacers were out of sight quickly. We maintained a 10:30 pace until we reached the hills of Ebenezer church. [More]

Susan Krause: City of Oaks Marathon
November 6, 2011

What a pleasure it was to experience a hometown marathon WAHULA style! Sara C and I found the 4:30 pacers, BD, Dana and Mike, three Wahula Galloway friends! We looked around and most of our fellow 4:30 runners were our friends from Wahula's Galloway team. Almost 7 am and who did we hear over the loudspeaker but Ron Wahula himself counting us down to gun time! [More]

Celesta Carlson: New York City Marathon
November 6, 2011

Sunday, nov. 6 arrives despite my butterflies, and even with the time change, Susan, Donna and I wake up at the correct time. Any inkling that this marathon was not a big deal quickly evaporates as we step off the elevator and the lobby is a sea of runners, every shape, size, nationality and accent all caught up in the excitement of the moment. We make our way to the Galloway bus at the plaza with our blankets and pillows.[More]

Barbie Brown: Savannah Marathon
November 5, 2011
Savannah, GA

It was beautiful weather and perfect conditions for running. This marathon was the first one that I have run completely by myself, so it was a completely different experience. I decided to do 4 and 30 once again as I had done for my half marathon. They did not have galloway pacers because they said that they did not do galloway for that fast of a pace. I started out fast and things were going very well, but I have been battling an ongoing knee injury and muscle spasm issue in my side for the past few months and this proved to be my undoing from mile 20-26. [More]

Ron Wahula: Steamtown Marathon
October 9, 2011
Scranton, PA

I ran my 2nd marathon of 2011 on October 9, the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton PA. In classic road trip style, on Friday, we crammed six runners into my truck and made our way to the beautiful Pennsylvania hill country. Upon arrival, we checked into our hotel, then had a great pasta dinner. The best time for your pasta loading is 2 days before your race, not the night before. On Saturday, we attended the Expo and went into extreme relax mode....no sense in tiring ourselves before our race. Early that evening, we indulged ourselves in the ultimate comfort food - pizza. And Scranton has some great pizza! [More]

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