Raleigh, North Carolina, Marathon and Half Marathon Training Team


2015 BCM Pace Team
Florida Times-Union

February 16, 2015

Hi Chris, I just wanted to share a little about my experience today. At mile 23 I was struggling to breathe so I had pretty much given up and decided to just walk the rest of the way. My typical interval is 45:30. As I was passing the mile 25 mark though, which at that point was the pretties thing I had seen in my life, I met the 5:45 pacer with her little group. Beth Knox from Raleigh, NC was so upbeat and encouraging. She was talking to her group and encouraging them - reminding them "if you feel strong, go for it." Her upbeat attitude got me through that last mile when I really wasn't feeling it. Having someone to talk to always makes miles pass quickly and she was great for that last 1.2 miles. Thanks for an awesome marathon experience,

Andrea Letizia

Raleigh Galloway Note: Beth Knox, Cara Greening, Holly Briggs and Eric Johnson all represented Raleigh Galloway as pacers for the Marathon To Finish Breast Cancer.

Race: City of Oaks
Date: November 4, 2012
Time: 3:17
This is my first half marathon

Ron, I want to thank you. When I signed up for the program, I asked if you thought I would be ready to run a 1/2 by November. You said with an assurance that almost made me believe I would be ready. What can I say? You were more than correct. I want to personally thank you because I would never have believed I would be running that far with confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I crossed the finish line with tears of joy in my eyes and a sense of accomplishment that I could do anything I put my mind to! It means more than you will ever know especially since I have asthma.


Ron / John - attached is photographic proof that I did run and finish the MCM......haha. I do not yet have the picture taken with my support crew - Laura, Alaina and Rachel - in front of the giant Iwo Jima memorial - so the attached will have to suffice for now. Laura set the pace early and kept us on track the whole way - and we stuck together as a group through the whole 26 - we even burned a minute or so looking for a crew member when we got out of sync at mile 16 or so and found them, got the crew back together and off we went. It was an awesome experience and I know I could not have completed it or finished with such a fantastic first marathon time without the help of the WannaBeasts or the Raleigh Galloway group.

I wanted to thank you all for your support getting me this far and through my first ever marathon - Thank You!!!

I am so very grateful that I stumbled onto Raleigh Galloway - you are all great people and very supportive. I may not get another run in with the group this year as my other duties (husband and father of three) have to start taking the front seat. But I hope to see you at the year end party or at the start of next years training program as I prepare for ____________________!

Enjoy the rest of your 2012 and thank you, thank you, thank you!!



You put on a fantastic race today and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a member of the 12:30 Galloway group – the Just Rights. I have only been running for a year and a half. I turned 40 this year and I have never run before in my life. So I guess I am an “adult onset athlete.” Before Galloway started, I had two major injuries that took me out of running for months. In fact, my first Galloway run wasn’t until July 18th due to a knee injury!

Today, I ran the Rex Healthcare Half Marathon. Even though I thought I would be wrecked afterwards, I feel GREAT! I feel like I put in a strong effort but my body is now strong enough to take the abuse. Not only did I finish the half marathon – I managed to CRUSH my time goal!!

Thank you for a wonderful Galloway season and a fabulous race today! I am already looking forward to next year and tackling the City of Oaks Marathon – after training with Raleigh Galloway, of course!!

I want to give a Shout Out to wonderful coaches in Raleigh's Galloway group. Since joining the Raleigh Galloway group in May 2010, I have met some wonderful runners and been coached by some great coaches. Hats off to Deborah, JoAnne, George and Priscilla who helped me materialize dreams of running long distances. It has been a wonderful journey.....Priscilla and George are amazing coaches and I have run distances I had never thought about completing.....It's people like Priscilla and George that help make Raleigh Galloway a supportive amazing training group. I am forever grateful for your love and support.-- Margaret
This year, I ran the Tobacco Trail Half Marathon and met someone from the Galloway group on the trail and I was encouraged to join. I’m so happy I did. It gave me the outlet I needed........I truly looked forward to the long runs on Saturdays and 1 month later I’m still on a high from completing the City of Oaks Marathon. Please keep doing what you are doing. I look forward to winter running and a challenging 2011 season. All the best to you and yours for the New Year.--Shelly Ann
I did the Race for the Cure and tried the 3 minute run and 1 minute walk for 5K and made a new PR by 5 minutes! I was so impressed with the run/walk bettering my time so much, I love it! This was my 5th 5K and I have done one 10K. Oh and I will be there Sat. Even though it is my birthday :). I love running now. See y'all then.--Lori

The Galloway Program changed my life this year. I've been a runner for about three years now, having completed five half marathons on my own before finding the Raleigh Galloway group, but being a part of the Kewl Runners training group this year helped me accomplish something truly significant - my first full marathon. The camaraderie kept me coming out every Saturday morning for the long runs, even if I really felt like sleeping in, and the encouragement that I got from all the group members pushed me to try my hardest. My group leaders were with me every step of the way. They instilled faith in my ability to follow through. They assured me that I really could do it. And guess what? They were right! I cannot imagine training for a full marathon without this group - and now that I've found it, I know I won't ever have to! --Sarah (Kewl Runners '09)

I know that I certainly would not have had such a great running year had it not been for Galloway. I look forward to every group run whether for an "easy" 10 or for the longer distances. I truly feel that I have met and become friends with many wonderful folks and can't wait to see what next year will bring. Thanks for coordinating this program as it has touched so many people! — Anita, Kewl Runners

This experience has made a huge difference in my life and has given me the confidence to challenge myself in other areas. — Laura

Once I found my “happy pace” with the Lucky 13’s something inside me clicked.  The confidence and support I needed to reach my goal was waiting there for me.  Could I have done this alone?  Absolutely not!  The support from Meri and Wendy has been incredible.  The support from my group has also been amazing.  I have formed friendships with wonderful people who can make a 20 mile training run feel like a walk in the park (even at 5:00 am).  J

              So, this past Sunday I set out to do something I never thought I would do –finish a marathon.  I had my gear on, my running buddies with me, and the confidence to know I could do it.  Six hours and 48 minutes after starting the OBX marathon I crossed the finish line with tears of joy running down my face.  This was truly the best moment of my life!

 I want to thank you and the others who make what seems like an impossible feat, a truly attainable goal.  Your hard work and commitment to the club do not go unnoticed!


 Thank you again!


A Proud Lucky 13 J

I completed the Half-Marathon in tough conditions as all runners that day will attest.However I was amazed and never will forget )all those brave souls along the way,cheering for each runner and family members as we passed, and all those water-stop volunteers and course monitors doing their thing while cheering. They seemed oblivious to the miserable conditions around them.. Not a sign of complaining anywhere. from anyone that gave up their Sunday for the "cause". They all were the ones that endured, more than the runners, I think. By the way,Ron, you were one of those.standing out there at mile 8-9,exactly where conditions were at their worst, just after the Half turnaround.The wind and rain just about did me in at that point. There you were cheering and playing Juice music...I just had to keep going at least till I got out of your sight. Somehow that turned the tide for me, I just kept on to the finish. You guys were the Awesome Ones, and I ,and everyone, else appreciates it! Thanks again. — Ken

PS By finishing, I got 1st place in the 80+ age group.

Because of the Galloway group, I was able to complete the half-marathon in textbook Galloway fashion:

  • I ran with my pace group
  • I had negative splits on the second half of the race
  • I had energy left over for a valiant kick at the finish.

Thanks again for being a great leader.  You make Mr. Galloway proud! — Peggy

As great as the marathons are, the best part has been training with the Galloway groups. I describe our weekend runs to others as a great race atmosphere every week. Johan helped me push things a bit more and still have Gary/Rob as the foundation. My second year with Galloway has been a great one. Thank you and all of the folks. — Tom

"HEY RON!!! Jenn from 11:30. I did Greenville half this weekend and wanted you to know I finished it it 232. I did one in Philly last year and it took me 3hours and 9 minutes with no training and I had not run in 20 something years. I trained with you guys this year and shaved serious time off. I am thrilled. Thanks so much. See you Saturday am!!!!! The group helped me so much and I am thrilled I did so much better." — Jennifer

Hey Ron, I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you have given to us 'future marathoners'. This is my first marathon training program and I have loved every minute of it (even the hills of Umstead-lol). — Michele




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